#SmallSquad Stories: Feeling Good Inside and Out with Melanie Torres

#SmallSquad Stories is a series to feature you, and the stories of our community. Let's redefine beauty standards together and start a movement to love ourselves as we are.

Introducing Small Squad member: Melanie Torres

Melanie is the entrepreneurial force behind Headstands and Heels, a wellness lifestyle blog that was inspired from her days spent at a global PR firm and the evenings sweating at NYC’s many yoga and fitness studios.

Keep reading to hear more about how she turned this passion into a business, and her approach on finding self-love from the inside out.


Hi Mel! Tell us all about you!

Hi! My name is Melanie (Mel for short) and I'm a wellness lifestyle blogger, yoga instructor, and dog mama living in NYC. I've been practicing yoga for the past 5 years and it has had such a profound impact on my life.

A little over two years ago I decided to share my passion for yoga along with my ever-evolving healthy lifestyle through my blog "Headstands and Heels." At the time I was working in a PR firm doing social media strategy for a global beauty brand and I wanted to showcase the juxtaposition of my days spent in an office and my mornings/evenings spent working out. I love the community blogging has introduced me to and my hope is that my posts inspire others to live their healthiest, happiest and most colorful lives! Less fear, more self-love and kindness, always. 

Was there a time when having small boobs affected your confidence? 

Of course!! I would say my confidence was impacted pretty dramatically towards the end of middle school and through high school when most of the other girls were "blossoming" a bit more visibly than I was. But to be honest, there are many days even now when my confidence is shaken. It's difficult when society holds women to a specific standard and having an ample chest is definitely a trait that is considered more "sexy" and appealing by many people.

Thankfully, my wellness journey and my loving relationship with my fiance have really helped me overcome the negative thoughts and struggles that I would otherwise be facing on a constant basis. I've learned to love the body God gave me and instead of focusing on the outside, to put more focus and energy into who I am as a person. I don't ever want my looks to define me. 

What has been your journey like with feeling good in your own skin?

My yoga practice has definitely made me feel much more connected to my body and instead of focusing on the aesthetics, I now focus on my overall health. I've learned to shift my mentality from wanting to change things to a place of appreciation and self-love. I'm forever thankful that I'm healthy, that I can do the things I want to do with no ailments, that my body adapts to new workouts and challenges... these are the things that make me feel good in my own skin!

And ya know, a killer LBD and some red lipstick doesn't hurt. ;) 

What is your go-to outfit/look for when you want to feel confident and look good?

I love a good pair of jeans, cute shoes and a fun top, but I also love pairing anything with black street tights and heels! I just feel like it has such a classic look without being stuffy. 

Anything else about your story you'd like the community to know?

Overall, I'm just a normal gal that happens to love super girly things (like makeup and heels) but also loves fitness and wellness. I think it's important to approach life with a sense of balance and to know that what makes you different is what makes you so special!!

I'm such a fan of Pepper's mission to empower women who so many times feel left out by brands in the same industry. I hope that more women will learn to embrace their body type and to love the way they are -- because we are ALL beautiful. 



How do you overcome negative thoughts? Share below! 👇

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