We've Gone Global! Introducing Our European Retailer: kleine körbchen – Pepper

We've Gone Global! Introducing Our European Retailer: kleine körbchen

(A LOT of you) asked for it, and we listened...we've gone global!

We're thrilled to announce that Pepper is now available in Europe via our first retailer, kleine körbchen!

We're taking our time to find retail partners who believe in the same values we do. We're excited to share the story of Anna Christina Rau, the woman behind this amazing store!


If you're located in Europe, get your Pepper All You Bra now.

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What inspired you to create kleine körbchen?

There is a fairly simple answer to this question. I am a small chested lady myself and was never able to find well fitting, let alone beautiful, lingerie, anywhere in Germany. I am actually quite happy with my body, but buying underwear was always very frustrating!

The idea of founding an online store dedicated to petite lingerie only came one evening, when breast feeding my second daughter. When breast feeding my size is a 36A (36AAA normally). Although I had to get used to my larger breasts, I really enjoyed not having a bra buying issue any longer. I was really upset that weaning the baby would mean bra issues again. I did not want accept the fact that even though my breast are a “fully working set”, I should not be able to shop beautiful lingerie. So I told my husband about my idea, who loved it too, of course ;-) I started researching the same evening and four month later the shop went online. We celebrated our sixth birthday this September!

As an expert in the bra industry for small cup sizes, what do you think most bra companies get wrong about the small-chested woman?

I think it's not just the bra industry but also the shops and the general public. With the bra industry most companies simply do not offer small sizes. Some do have A-Cups, but when it comes to AA or even AAA it's kind of impossible to find a bra. In the rare occasion you would find an AA-cup bra, you will find that is of very poor fit.

It really looks like they do not put much effort into creating a well fitting, small size. Often the diameter of the underwire is of incorrect shape or size, so the wire would sting into the breast tissue, which is neither comfortable nor healthy, the cups are too deep or gap at the top. Also, the industry seams to believe widely, that it is necessary to boost the smaller chest with heavy push-up padding, which is again uncomfortable.

I also find it humiliating and arrogant, to presume that every woman wants to have large breasts. Besides of what the industry delivers, it's also an absolute nightmare to go bra shopping, if you require the AA- or AAA-cup sizes. Many of our customers are very frustrated when it comes to bra shopping, as many shop assistants would send you to the kids section, if you are small chested. Even if the cups might be of the right size, that does not do the trick as grown-up breast are of different shape and need as the teen chest, which is still developing. The band width would be too small for many grown-ups and on top of that the designs are not exactly sophisticated. So, no! Please do NOT send us to the kids' section!

Other shop assistants might just explain, that with small breast you just won't need a bra. Really? Yes, sure, they would not fall off, if we don ́t wear a bra. But that is not the reason, why women DO need a bra. There are so many other reasons, why women need a bra! Lift and support is just one of them. Wearing a beautiful and well fitting bra makes you feel confident. Depending on the dress you are wearing or the occasion, we need different bra styles. There are just so many aspects! So it ́s really not the shop assistants decision, if or if not we need a bra. We want one, so we need one. It's really as simple as that.

What's your review of the Pepper All You Bra?

Before we took Pepper on board, we kindly received a sample in one of our best selling sizes. We have seen so many badly fitting small-cup bras in the past, that we wanted to see ourselves, that Pepper found the trick. Thank you again for this! We saw at the first glance, that Pepper thought of all the little bits that are usually problematic. And then I, myself, wore the bra for a couple of hours. For testing we had the 36AA. Actually, I am a 36AAA. So the 36AA-cups were a little large for myself. By now, I have also tested the 34AA and it ́s just perfect! My breasts are beautifully shaped, the soft straps and the broad band are comfortable to wear, the wire is deep at the center (so no stinging on the breastbone) and the soft mesh on the cups is very flattering!

Anything else you want our customers to know about you or your store?

We know how frustrating and/or humiliating bra shopping can be, if you are small chested. Our mission is to end this! We are having so much fun changing this and making women across Europe a little happier by wearing beautiful lingerie. We want to thank all our grateful customers for their wonderful, positive and sometimes even moving feedback! As we are available online only, we are happy to give fitting advice via e-mail. As many of our customers don ́t have any real life bra shopping experience, it can be confusing to find the best cut or size. Even though online, we are trying to make shopping at kleine körbchen as personal as possible. 

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