What's a Sister Size in Bras?

Models wearing Pepper bras, for the blog explaining sister sizes in bras

Everyone has more than one size option when it comes to bras. Introducing: Sister Sizes.

Sister sizes in bras refer to alternative bra sizes that have the same cup volume, but different band sizes. Simply put, if you feel that your usual bra size is not quite right, you can try a sister size to get a better fit. 

But how do sister sizes work?

For example, if your usual bra size is 34A, your sister sizes would be 32B. While the band size changes, the cup volume remains the same. So, if the band feels too tight in your usual size, you can try a sister size with a larger band and a slightly smaller cup to maintain the same cup volume. Sister sizes are a helpful because they allow you to explore different sizes that could provide more comfort and support.  

Here’s one thing to note: while sister sizes can be a useful starting point, individual preferences and body shapes can vary, so it's always best to try on different sizes to find the best fit. If you're unsure about your sister sizes, you can refer to a sizing chart provided by bra manufacturers or retailers. These charts typically show the corresponding sister sizes for each bra size, making it easier to find alternatives that may suit your needs.

Find your sister size in Pepper Bras

So how do you find your sister size?

Move vertically on the chart below. Most bra sizes have two sister sizes. If you measure a 34A but prefer a looser band fit, try 36AA as your sister size option. Prefer extra snug? Try a 32B in Pepper Bras. 


The secret to finding your sister size in Pepper Bras


Remember these rules of thumb when finding your sister size in Pepper Bras. 

  • If you increase the band size (up) → decrease the cup size 
  • If you decrease the band size (down) → increase the cup size 
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