I Have Small Boobs and I Tried Pepper Bras. 

Here's what happened.

One of the most annoying misconceptions about having small boobs is that it seems like most of the world falls into 2 categories: either I don't ever need to wear a bra ever or that if I do wear bra, it should be 2-added cups size, super push-up bra. But then, I found out about Pepper.

Here's what happened when I tried Pepper bras

1. I No Longer Had to Worry About Awkward Cup Gaps and Digging Underwire

Pepper bras were redesigned from the seams up, with less underwire and a more natural curvature/length to maximize comfort (cause not everyone's boobs are perfectly in the center of your chest). And for me, this made a difference as my boobs are a bit more on the side of my chest. Fits like a glove; I've never had a bra fit this well.

2. My Boobs Looked Pretty Great, Even Without a Ton of Padding

Pepper uses lightly padded cups for a more natural look. Their bras are designed "to lift and hug your curves like the perfect pair of stretchy yoga pants," but being having small boobs, I was very skeptical I would look like their Instagram ads. Trying on their All You bra, after only wearing push-up bras for years, I was shocked to see that my boobs can look pretty amazing without a ton of padding! 

3. I Felt Comfortable, All Day Long.

Without having the feeling of underwire digging into the sides of my boobs all day, this point is super straight forward. No more poking underwire, slipping straps, or constantly needing to readjust my bra!

4. I Felt a Bit More Self-Confident.

Wearing a bra that embraces my natural curves - without tons of padding - made me a bit nervous at first. From the time, I hit middle school I started prioritizing making sure the shirts I wore made my boobs look good/bigger (yep, starting in the 7th grade.) I always associated "bigger" as being better. Wearing Pepper bras for a few days without the main goal of "making my boobs look as big as possible", made me realize my boobs actually beautiful exactly as they are.

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