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A better fitting bra for AA, A, and B cups sizes bands 28 to 42. Say good bye

 to awkward cup gaps and uncomfortable padding forever.

Yes, the Bras above are the same size, on the same woman, 


Similar to how brands like Fenty Beauty and Dia & Co are redefining traditional body standards, Pepper is here to fight back against the status quo for small-chested women.

Historically, the fashion industry has designed all their bra sizing around a C cup size. It's not your fault that you feel like your bra doesn't fit right. The shape and proportions of small boobs simply are not the same as the "standard size." Pepper is here to solve this issue. 

Here's what makes us unique

Our cups are shallower so you can actually fill them. No awkward bra gaps no matter how you move.

We use lightly padded cups for a natural look, because no one needs to look 2 sizes bigger.

We didn't just shrink the underwire; we optimized the curvature and length to maximize comfort.

“It might be the best bra made for small busts -ever.”


All You Bra Black
Limitless Wirefree Bra
Laidback Lace Bra
Laundry Bag

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