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Pepper is creating a community
for women who

Could never find a bra that fit just right

Always felt between cup sizes

Were called flat chested in their teens

Wore cutlets on a night out

We're creating a community and products for women with small chests who have been overlooked – join us.

We believe that everyone
deserves to feel good in
own skin.

Traditional bra brands have created
aspirational body standards that
are impossible
for most of us to achieve
without a very
expensive, unnecessary
boob job. It's no wonder
women today
have trouble feeling confident with
body when we grew up watching models
in a
fashion show (you know, that one)
unimaginable cleavage.

Our bras are designed for
small boobs of all shapes
and sizes.

When was the last time you saw a 36AA or 38AA? Even the largest plus sized retailer in America starts bra sizes at a C cup - further reinforcing the misconception that if you're skinny, you must have small boobs and if you're larger, you must have big boobs. In reality, any size woman can have any size boobs. We're here to fill the gaps.

Founded by women,

for women

Three years ago, we bonded over
wanting all
women to never be judged on
their chest size.
Soon after, Pepper was
launched in 2017 as a
campaign with a goal of $10,000. We
reached 100% of our goal in the first 10
hours, and
at the end of a 13 day
campaign had 950 backers.

We’re bringing back
the IBTC to empower

women with small
boobs to join together

to combat ridiculous
body standards
and for all.

Follow @wearpepper

Manufactured with love
in Colombia

Colombia is known for its expertise in manufacturing lingerie, and has some of the largest and most experienced clothing and textile industries.

Our manufacturing facility gives single mothers or “head of household” preference during the job screening process. Read more here.