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Nice to meet you.

We're Pepper. We're an unapologetic brand specifically for women with small boobs, starting with bras.

Traditional bra brands have created crazy aspirational body standards that are impossible for most of us to achieve without a very expensive, unnecessary boob job. It's no wonder women today have trouble feeling confident with their body when we grew up watching models strut in a fashion show with unimaginable cleavage and flipped pages in magazines with airbrushed, Photoshopped skin.

We started with bras, but we're building so much more. The Small Squad is our community of women banding together, celebrating each other, and conquering body stereotypes once and for all.



Why hasn't this existed?

Most companies today design for the industry standard size (usually 36C) and then scale that design up and down, not taking into consideration the unique fit challenges of each size.

So, anyone that's smaller or bigger has less than perfect bra fit.
Unfortunately, small cup sizes are often the most overlooked within an industry catering toward the “average.” But there is no real average. We are all unique shapes and sizes. We found women with small cup sizes are often the most misunderstood.

Think about it - when was the last you saw a 36AA or 38AA? Even the largest plus sized retailer in America starts bra sizes at C - further propelling the misconception that if you're skinny, you must have small boobs and if you're larger, you must have big boobs. In reality, any size girl can have any size boobs - so we're here to fill the gaps.



We're looking good, feeling good, and most importantly, doing good.

Our factory is located in beautiful Medellin, Colombia where Pepper co-founder, Lia, grew up. We chose this manufacturer because of their long history of quality craftsmanship, and more importantly, their commitment to social responsibility. It is important to us that our partners pay their employees fair wages, offer benefits, and provide opportunities to women.

Travel back in time with us for a sec.

Pepper was launched in 2017 as a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $10,000. We reached 100% of our goal in the first 10 hours, and at the end of a 13 day campaign had 950 backers. This one made the books .

The scoop on why we picked the name Pepper

Small has often been associated with being timid. But the Small Squad is anything but. Pepper has a kick, just like us.

Jaclyn FuCo-Founder and CEO

Co-Founder and CEO

Jaclyn is now a proud member of IBTC, but has stuffed her bra once or twice in high school. Before Pepper Jaclyn led product marketing at community focused technology companies like Etsy, Grouper Social Club and Mozilla. She lives in Denver, Colorado, teaches yoga and loves a good pun.

Lia WinogradCo-Founder and COO

Co-Founder and COO

A former management consultant from McKinsey & Co. and holding an MBA from NYU, she brings with her operational, manufacturing and financial planning experience. She is fluent in Spanish and native to Colombia, managing the production and supply chain process with Pepper’s Colombian factory.