Your body, your standards

Prefer more cleavage? Flaunt what you got, girl!

Like more coverage? Keep 'em guessing!

There is no right or wrong size. We're here to help you find your

perfect fit, whatever that means to you. To us, the right size is one

that makes you say, 'DANG, my boobs look awesome.'

Not sure which size to pick?

Fit tips

1. Band
• Because fabric stretches with wear, it should feel comfortable when it's on the first hook
• Straight and leveled, and doesn't ride up

2. Center Bridge
• Lays flat on your sternum
• If the bridge lifts off your chest, try a bigger cup size

3. Cups
• Filled cups, with no gaps

4. Underwire
• Comfortably follows the shape of your breast root
• No pinching

5. Straps
• Adjusted so they stay in place without slipping or digging
• Straps will stretch will wear, so we recommend tightening them every so often


Band Size

Using a measuring tape, measure around your ribcage, just beneath your bust. Make sure the measuring tape is pulled snug, leveled and straight around your back.

Ribcage Measurement   27-28 inches  29-30 inches  31-32 inches  33-34 inches
Band Size 32 34 36 38

*If you're on the border of two sizes, we found that many of our customers preferred the larger band size.

Cup Size

1) Using a measuring tape, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the measuring tape is leveled and straight around your back.

2) Subtract this bust measurement from your band size to get your cup size: (i.e if your band size is 34 and you measured 36" around your bust, you're a 34A)

Difference   1 inch or less  2 inches  3 inches
Cup Size AA A B

*For women who identify with having breast tissue that is 'spread apart', we find wearing a non-padded sports bra or tank while measuring can help get more accurate measurements.

We recognize that traditional sizing systems are outdated and often result in 'negative' sizing for small busts. We're working on developing a better way to measure.