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The Best Lace Bra for Small-Chested Women


The Best Lace Bra for Small-Chested Women

We bet you haven't tried such a cute lace bra that fit this great and also feels this comfortable. Our Laidback Lace is soon to become your new favorite bra.

We bet you haven't tried such a cute lace bra that fit this great and also feels this comfortable. Our Laidback Lace is soon to become your new favorite bra.

Why You'll Love Our Laidback Lace Bras

 for AA, A, and B Cups


They Eliminate Those Awkward

 Cup Gaps Once and For All

Historically, the fashion industry has designed all their bra sizing around a C cup size. At Pepper, we redesigned all our bras so that the cups are shallower. No matter how you'll move you'll always fill them! <3


Your Boobs Will Look Amazing 

Exactly as They Are.

Pepper bras use lightly padded cups for a natural look (because we believe your boobs are perfect as they are and no one needs to look 2 sizes bigger). With our Authentic Lift™ design, all our bras hug and lift  your curves like the perfect pair of stretchy yoga pants.


You’ll Feel Comfortable,

 All Day Long.

Say hello to a bra that's so comfortable you actually won't race to take it off as soon as you get home.  In redesigning our lace bras from the seams up, we shrank the underwire, optimized its curvature, and adjusted the length to ensure our underwire won't dig. 


You're Lifting Up the Women Who Hand Sew Your Lace Bras

We're proud of how we manufacture our bras in Colombia with a socially responsible partner: 

 ⭐️ They give single mothers or “head of household” preference during hiring. Women supporting women! 

⭐️ Gold certified from WRAP (the world's largest independent certification program focused on the apparel). They have a zero tolerance policy on child labor, forced labor, and inhumane treatment. 

 ⭐️ Everyone gets benefits! 

⭐️ We work with a vertically integrated factory, so instead of outsourcing production to potentially cheaper factories that don't have the same standards, we're able to ensure tippy top quality for our products ✔️and the working conditions ✔️


You’re Supporting the Movement to

Redefine Body Standards for 

Small-Chested Women

Traditional bra brands have created crazy aspirational body standards that are impossible for most of us to achieve without a very expensive, unnecessary boob job. Body types of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. At Pepper, we're building a community of women banding together, celebrating each other, and conquering body stereotypes once and for all. After all, any size girl can have any size boobs.


“It might be the best bra made for small busts -ever.”

There's no risk trying us out. Return are free and easy.

We're so confident in our thoughtful small cup designs that our motto is 100% fill and fit guaranteed, or we'll make it right.

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