Finally, A Body-Positive Bra Brand that celebrates small boobs

By: Emmy Schneider-Green   |   July 21, 2020

We need ethical companies like Pepper now more than ever. 

I always used to look for outside things to give me confidence - a haircut, new makeup, the latest cleanse or diet, and eventually, going under the knife to get breast implants. I was told by my surgeon I'd look ‘more feminine and balanced,’ and I believed it. 

After two decades of not feeling enough, I thought these would ‘fix’ me. They only made things worse. Not only did I not feel any more confident in my body (that is an inside job - not something you can buy!) I ended up developing Breast Implant Illness. At age 27, I was too tired to make it through the workday, had unexplained rashes and swollen glands, fevers, dry eyes, ear infections, on and on. 

In February of 2019 I went back under the knife for #explant surgery - despite the expense and my original surgeon telling me I'd look ‘worse than before.’ After explanting, ALL my symptoms cleared up and I've never been happier in my skin.

Don't listen to what society tells you to look like. I'm so grateful to have my health back, and I LOVE my A cups. Especially after finding Pepper, which was the first bra I ever found that flattered my shape and helped me to celebrate my small boobs, vs. wishing they looked like a VS model's! 

I finally learned I'm enough exactly as I am.

Celebrating bodies as they are and banishing negative body standards

It's time that bra companies celebrated women's bodies instead of making them look like something they're not. Young girls shouldn't have to feel the pressures of looking bigger during puberty, or get made fun of being 'flat.' 

Even to this day, pop culture and the media sheds a negative light on this body type. Pepper is not just creating better fitting bras, but starting a movement to rally women to unapologetically love their bodies as they are.

Try your Pepper bra and feel amazing in it. 

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