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to brand.
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The step by step guide

Step 1

1. Measure your Band Size

Measure your Band Size

Using a measuring tape, measure around your ribcage, just beneath your
bust, on an exhale. Make sure the tape is pulled snug, leveled and
straight around your back.

Step 2

2. Find your Cup Size

Find your Cup Size

Using a measuring tape, measure around the fullest part of your bust.
Make sure the tape is leveled, not too tight, and straight around your

To find your sister size, move vertically on the chart. For example, 30A
and 32AA will have the same cup volume.

How should your
bra fit?

1. Band

Because fabric stretches with wear, it should feel comfortable when it's
on the loosest hook. Straight and leveled, and doesn't ride up.

2. Center Bridge

Lays flat on your sternum for underwire bras. If the bridge lifts off your
chest, try a bigger cup size.

3. Cups

Filled cups, with no gaps.

4. Underwire

Comfortably follows the shape of your breast root. No pinching.

5. Straps

Adjusted so they stay in place without slipping or digging. Straps will
stretch with wear, so we recommend tightening them every so often.

Your bra probably doesn't fit because
it wasn't made for you.

The industry designs for 36C. We design for AA, A, and B.

Here's What's

Here's What's

Cup Shape

Our cups are shallower so you can actually
fill them. No awkward bra gaps no matter
how you move.

Light Padding

We use lightly padded cups for a natural
look, because no one needs to look 2 sizes


We didn't just shrink the underwire; we
optimized the curvature and length to
maximize comfort.


International Sizes

XXS 30A 65A 8A 80A 0A
XXS 30B 65B 8B 80B 0B
XS 32AA 70AA 10AA 85AA 1AA
XS 32A 70A 10A 85A 1A
XS 32B 70B 10B 85B 1B
S 34AA 75AA 12AA 90AA 2AA
S 34A 75A 12A 90A 2A
S 34B 75B 12B 90B 2B
M 36AA 80AA 14AA 95AA 3AA
M 36A 80A 14A 95A 3A
M 36B 80B 14B 95B 3B
L 38AA 85AA 16AA 100AA 4AA
L 38A 85A 16A 100A 4A
L 38B 85B 16B 100B 4B
XL 40AA 90AA 18AA 105AA 5AA
XL 40A 90A 18A 105A 5A

We've specially designed every part of our bras to perfectly fit AA, A, B cups so it will fit differently (better!) than your other bras. To find your perfect fit, we recommend taking our Size Quiz or email our fit specialists at

Pepper bras are ethically and sustainably manufactured with love in Colombia 🇨🇴 Our socially responsible factory employs female heads of households who are single mothers, pays fair wages with benefits, and offers skill-based training programs. Read more about our sustainability.

Our bras are meant to celebrate your body exactly as it is. Pepper bras feature lightly lined cups with just enough nip coverage to provide oomph without oof.