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It's the little things in life

You are not defined or held back by society's misinformed body standards.
This community is what makes us different, and we love being different.

For anyone who had to endure awkward gaps, uncomfortable push-up
padding and lame insults in high school, this is the squad for you.

"There are days I look on Instagram and think 'Aw, wish I could look like that'. Fit is so important because it makes you feel normal. If things don't fit, you feel like you're the one who doesn't fit in."

- Tria

"3 years ago I was ready to get a boob job, but I realized I shouldn't have to change my body to find bras that fit...bra companies should change their bras to fit me!"

- Cassie

Do good, look good, feel good

Our factory is located in beautiful Medellin, Colombia where Pepper co-founder, Lia, grew up. We chose this manufacturer because of their long history of quality craftsmanship, and more importantly, their commitment to social responsibility. It is important to us that our partners pay their employees fair wages, offer benefits, and provide opportunities to women.

How it all started

Pepper was launched in 2017 as a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $10,000. We reached 100% of our goal in the first 10 hours, and at the end of a 13 day campaign had 950 backers!

The response from our early community was overwhelming and resounding: Bras suck for pretty much everyone, but there's been an unheard group of women whose needs where misunderstood and ignored for too long.

Small-chested ladies, we hear you and see you.

Thank you to all our backers and pre-order customers who helped get Pepper off the ground. Special thank you to our Super Small Squad Supporter, Jessica Petersen!

Meet the founders

Jaclyn Fu
Co-Founder and CEO

Jaclyn is now a proud member of the IBTC, but has stuffed her bra once or twice in high school. Before Pepper, Jaclyn led product marketing at community focused technology companies like Etsy, Grouper Social Club and Mozilla. She lives in Denver, Colorado, teaches yoga and loves a good pun.

Lia Winograd
Co-Founder and COO

Lia is passionate about promoting body acceptance. She grew up in Colombia where boob jobs are one of the most common procedures for young women; she wants to change these trends. A former consultant at McKinsey, she is currently an MBA candidate at NYU Stern School of Business. She loves salsa dancing and arepas.

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Thanks for making it down this far! Fun fact: The name Pepper was chosen when we
were eating lunch one day and started desperately coming up with names like
'sandwich', 'fork', 'salt'... then Lia picked up a packet of pepper and the rest is history.
We love that Pepper is fun, feminine, an alliteration for 'petite', and can pack a spicy
punch when you sprinkle too much of it on your french fries (anyone else do this??).