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$5K Startup Grant for Black Women

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The Inspiration

We're small, but hope to make a big impact. We took $5,000 out of our savings to turn the idea of Pepper into a Kickstarter. Rather than adopting a growth-at-all-costs mentality that usually requires raising VC capital from the very beginning, we bootstrapped for as long as possible so we could grow our community the way we wanted We want to give that $5,000 back every year in the form of a free financial grant. In addition to this grant, we are also committed to providing mentorship opportunities, organizing workshops/events, and access to networks.

Pepper was inspired by a passion to change industry standards for women who are overlooked in the bra industry, Now we want to help underrepresented entrepreneurs to kick start their business, in their own way.

The Selection Committee

Jaclyn Fu Title

Jaclyn Fu Title

Jaclyn Fu Title

Jaclyn Fu Title

Jaclyn Fu Title

The Program

Each year, one Black female entrepreneur will receive a $5K with support from the Pepper team and receive the following benefits:

  • One hour mentorship calls directly with the two Founders of Pepper
  • Dedicated promotions on Pepper's social media accounts
  • One optional free legal consultation hosted by (Ask Shilpa)
  • Access to workshops and events in the realms of fundraising, finance, marketing, and others
  • Ask Shilpa

[We're excited to partner with the Startup Girl Foundation to administer the grant and also to provide extra benefits. Short blurb about Startup Girl Foundation here]


Find out if you're eligible:

Business in any industry

At least 51% of the business must be owned, controlled or operated and managed by Black or African-American, female or non-binary identifying owner(s)

At least 18 years old

U.S resident, and your business must have U.S legal entity

Early stage business with less than $500K equity financing raised


Application closes on ____.

Three finalists will be announced on ___ by email. They will be asked to submit a short video that will be used to select the winner and will be promoted on Pepper's social media accounts.



For more information please email

How many grants will be awarded? 1

Do i have to pay back the grant? Nope

Are there requirements for how recipients need to spend the funds? Nope as long as it's business related.

How do I apply? Apply here!

What is the selection proccess? Our selection committee consists of Pepper founders Jaclyn Fu and Lia Winograd, and Startup Girl Foundation founder Shilpa Yarlagadda.

The committee reviews all applications submitted within the period and judges each application based on the following criteria: Demonstrates passion and creativity for solving the specific problem (40%) Demostrates viable business opportunity with clear plans (30%) Demonstrates financial need (20%) Ability for Pepper to support and add value (10%)

Will my competitive business and financial information be kept confidential? Yes

Who is reviewing applications? PLACEHOLDER COPY

Will recipients receive benefits from this initiative, in addition to the funding? PLACEHOLDER COPY